I started this blog publishing my first ever post   Why Refracted Lite?  on Friday April 18, 2008 with the idea that I had something to share with others.  It was a way to hopefully inspire and connect with people everywhere.  

Since then I created Savoring Flavors for posting recipes that we've enjoyed over the years.  I had included recipes on Refracted Lite then decided for whatever reason to keep it separate.  I also wanted to have something for my family - specifically for my daughter n laws to use.  I'm not sure if it has but that's ok since I have a record I can go to and use myself.  Hahaha  Well, in theory - and as I have time I will try to make it more user friendly. :)

Of course since we also had pets I started Loving R Pets to be use with multiple family members that could write about their pet adventures.  Right ~  hummm

Blogging has really been for me.  Especially Refracted Lite.  I keep a separate personal hand written journal - I have for years; blogging is just an extension of that and therapeutic.  I can use my creativity, share struggles I may go through, and things that just might be interesting and possibly helpful to everyone reading.

Over-all, I have learned that by journaling my thoughts, prayers, even hopes and dreams whether hand written or here socially, I can look back with an historical account of growth, of special memories, blessings, fun and sad times, things I might have forgotten - there's been plenty, things made and changes that have taken place over the years in my life and how a Heavenly Father has brought us/me through.

This blog(s) has been an inspiration to me most of all.  I truly believe the Lord helped me through much of what I written over the past several years for this present time; I could even go as far as saying prophetically at times this was for me.  He has placed things on my heart to heal and enjoy. The Lord, as well as my Jim, has been my biggest source of encouragement in all that I do.  My husband, since passed away was a gifted writer and my go to guy for answering editing questions. After awhile he would tell it sound good - what do you think?  He sometimes would make so many grammar corrections that it would change what I was sharing.  I would tell him it doesn't sound like me anymore but you.  He'd laugh and tell me to change it back.  I love it and miss him!  My friend on the other hand would tell me she loves my post since they sound just like me as if I were talking!

There you go DON'T OVER THINK IT!  I don't often get comments on here but I'd love to hear from you.




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