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Simple Crusty Bread

I've made breads of all kinds over the years and this is one of the easiest bread recipes ever!  I do have another to share that I've baked in my cast iron dutch oven that is just as easy and no knead type also, very similar to same possibly.  Other breads I've made in the past I love though sometimes took into the next day before I could enjoy it; so I was looking for a recipe that I didn't have to what so long and would fit into busy days.

This Crusty Bread recipe I located here on Wednesday Chefis a Jeff Hertzberg recipe that I actually first found on the New York Time's website - they have amazing recipes to try - having saved this recipe from their site before and not being able to access it, even though I subscribed; lead me to looking elsewhere.  On the Times site I would view a recipe for a second after pulling it up to have them throw a subscribe link that I could never get out of!  Yeah technology. Anyway I was happy to see it heresince I wasn't able…

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