FYI - Links

Though I may not agree with everything the links below have proven to be helpful and interesting.  Vicky

Natural Solution Foundation
Health freedom threats (Codex, FDA,Vaccinations,GMO's) Organics 4 
Health Freedom Alliance
Food Toxins,Healthcare Reform,Mothers Act,Health Legislation,Etc.
Environmental Working Group
Organic Connections
Providing a fully designed electronic version of their popular magazine free of charge.
The Daily Green
Recycling,Green homes,Recipes,Etc.
The True Food Network
Center for food safety.
Organic Consumers Association 
Where there is all kinds of cool stuff and what could keep you busy for hours.
Organic Made Easy 
Gluten Intolerance Group - Lists restaurants, recipes all things helpful.
Whole Health MD  A great site with helpful info on health and healthy recipes for you wellness.
Raw Food Life
Better Nutrition Magazine (as in some nutritional stores).

FYI - Helpful links for shopping locally in your area.

Local Harvest
Where to buy locally in your areas.
Sustainable Table
Making healthy choices buying from sustainable farmers. Framers markets and coops.
Eat Wild - Find Your State
Meat,Eggs and Etc.
Eat Well Guide
Find good food-local sustainable and organic.
Mighty Foods  Articles of Interest on Natural Foods

FYI - Great Magazines / Other

The Herb Companion
Cultivating Life  Great site - public TV - Out of Cleveland - packed full of things.

FYI - On Herbs

The Herbwife's Kitchen

More to follow~

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