Chorizo With Eggs

Chorizo [chuh-ree-zoh] is a spicy Spanish pork sausage. In has become more readily available pretty much everywhere. However, the quality and taste may differ. Recently, we purchased some from Giant Eagle and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't overly spicy in heat, so everyone could eat it without a problem. Also the it was very lean. I don't do fat and this I was excited. You can purchase it in bulk like ground meat or links. Giant Eagle had links.

All you do is take out of the casings. In a large skillet fry as you would ground meat for tacos. Once this is done if there's a lot of grease drain. I didn't need to. Then move meat to one side of the skillet. Beat up eggs I used 6. Pour into skillet scramble on the one side when just about done. Mix meat and eggs together. Cook a little more till egg is done to your liking but not hard or overly dry. Serve with Tortillas.


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