New Mexico Chili ~ Ahhhhh

Last evening I spent some time fixing some yummy chili. . . Ahhhhhh. . . .

Quite a while ago my brother sent me dried chili from New Mexico and it's about time I used it. New Mexico has the best chili; bar-none. I decided to use up the remaining chili and make sauce. It's easy but a bit time consuming. You can freeze it without a problem, this time I decided to can it. Very simple to do and will work out well when we eventually move. Once made you can use it for Enchiladas, stews or Carne Avada like I'm making tonight. A lot of people add things to the chili, leave mine plain. The batch I done made 5 plus quart. I didn't can the one I'll use in the Carne.

For the Chili:

Get your bags of dry New Mexico Chili. I use Hatch Chili mostly my brother sent a different brand it was equally good. I used 2 bags one hot and the other mild. Basically it will make medium. Next you remove all stems and seeds. (Keep in mind, if you breath the dust in you will sneeze and you are using your hand so you'll have "peppered hands") Once stems and seeds are out of the picture, get hot water going to re-hydrate and a blender ready to puree. Once pureed (using some of the hot water as you go to thin), pour into strainer to separate the outer touch skin. Continue on until all of it is done. Pour in clean jars and seal as you would in canning. Or cool completely, pour into freezer containers and freeze.


Eileen said…
This was very interesting! I have never seen how to make chili from "scratch" before. Thanks for posting the directions. I learned something new today! :-)

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