Quiche ~ It's What's For Dinner!

Quiche to me is one of those dishes that you can make adding to it whatever your taste buds desire. I more or less pulled things out of my frig using whatever I happened to have on hand.

Much of my cooking (unless from some other recipe) is eyeballing it. So I tried to be as exact as can be with this recipe to share with you. I didn’t write things down as I went along and have included some notes at the bottom of this post.
Don’t be afraid of trying this or anything new. If you haven’t made Quiche before- locate a basic recipe and go from there adding what you like. Have fun! I find that when I have low to no cash flow – I’m very creative and it usually tastes the best.

Vik’s Quiche (crust-less)

5-6 farm fresh eggs
1 sm. – med. small red onion, sliced thin
Fresh baby spinach, a good bunch (grab a big handful)
1cup – 1-1/2 heavy cream or half /half (I used ¼ c of heavy cream rest half/half) or eyeball it.
1-2 tbsp. Butter, sauté onions
1 tsp. Herbs De Providence* (or to taste)
½ tsp. kosher salt
1/3 cup fresh Chevrine or Chevre (goats milk cheese)*
¼ cup each Aged Gouda and Comte,* shredded

Prepare pie place or soufflé dish, I used a little butter to keep Quiche from sticking.
Preheat oven 350 degrees.

Sauté red onions in butter and salt; cook until soft. Then add clean dry fresh spinach. Leave spinach on top of the onion to start wilting a bit. Turn off burner place lid on top and let sit while you’re getting to working on the rest.

In a medium bowl beat up eggs then mix in your liquid. Break in your Chevre and your other cheese stir until it’s mixed in. The goat will be lumpy. Sprinkle in you herbs and stir in onions and spinach.

Pour into prepared dish and bake for 20-25 minutes. It should be set in the center when done.

If you aren’t accustom to eating goat cheese, go to a go grocer or health food store and ask if they can tell you of a mild goat cheese you could try. Sometime people don’t like the strong taste it has sometimes or just use less in recipe. I also used two other cheeses that I purchased at Wholefoods. If you have this store in your area, check it out if you haven’t. I like trying different cheese when I’m able and I purchase small quantities.
The aged Gouda [from Holland] and Comte [aged 15 months] are both hard cheeses from cow’s milk. You could use hard parmesan or something similar.

If you're wondering what I served with it, pretty roasted beets, lavender scones and a dry white wine.


Becky said…
Sounds great! Don't know if I ever had goat cheese but I love gorgonzola and bleu cheese and lots of different tastes to I may just like it.
James said…
I can "a-taste" that it was an outstanding dish.

It's said that "real men don't eat quiche'", I don't believe this is true -- I love a good plate of it now and then. I think this comes from the fact that most real men can't spell the word quiche' nor do they know how to pronounce it when reading a menu. If is true however, then that means I'm not a real man. To that I say God has nevertheless blessed me with a wonderful wife who's a great cook, which means I'm well loved and well fed including quiche' on occasion -- who needs to be a "real man" anyway?

BTW: the lavender scone's were outstanding as were the beats.

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