Vik's Poor-mans Baked Dinner (Stew)

This evenings feast consisted of the last of the last. I'm calling it Vik's Poor-mans Baked (stew) Dinner. I've mentioned before when we get low on funds or pantry supplies I can get very creative and tonight's dish did turn out yummy. Here's what I did. . . First you clean out your freezer and pantry to assess all that you might be able to use, you just may be surprised with what you might find. (We really need to hit the store) I found for ---

Vik's Poor-mans Baked Dinner:

About 1 lb. of stew meat (cut into smaller chunks)
7-8 sm. red potatoes (washed peels left on and cut in quarters)
2 celery stocks ( cut in chunks)
1 small shallot (sliced thin)
several cloves of garlic (minced)
1 - 2 carrots (cut in chunks)
2 beets, 1 gold 1 purple (peeled and cut in chunks)
salt (Kosher) to taste
1& 1/2 cups diced tomatoes
about 2 cups organic creamy tomato soup

In a pot you can use in oven or Dutch oven brown meat in a bit of olive oil. Add shallot and garlic and cook just a bit more, maybe a minute or two. Turn off and put in all the rest of the stuff. Bake in a 350 F oven until meats and veges are done (tender).
Whoa-la a delicious healthy creation from my kitchen. And the combination of the beets and tomatoes gave it its lovely color. LOL
For the stew, be creative use whatever you have, any type of vegetable. Have fun.
I served it with fresh bread I made. The bread I made in the same manner (with what I had) Recipe below.

Hopefully we'll have enough leftovers for leftovers; for tomorrow I'm not sure what to fix. Maybe we'll fast! The Lord is Good!


Anonymous said…
Oh nice! Please post your Indian chicken masala recipe! It was incredible!

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