I'm a big advocate - irritant in the family and probably others around - of eating as healthy as possible. Much to my chagrin it doesn't always help my business (getting people healthy and then they go elsewhere) but I don't care about that as I truly care about the health of others.

This morning I received a news letter via email from a site a visit frequently. Even though I don't agree with everything from Dr. Mercola, I most definitely on this and other foods that we are putting in our mouths or giving to our families.

The deception of food companies is truly amazing and the support they receive from the government is simply appalling.

So I wanted to share with you two links that will give and explanation why I don't use regular or bleached flours but try to purchase the best possible flour for when I do bake. I'm sure I'll even be looking into what I do buy. I love baking and post a lot of bread type items to share but in general I try to stay away from most. Dr. Mercola feels you should stay away from all grains - I may agree to a point.

“Today, the US milling industry produces about 140 million pounds of flour each day, so there is no way to store the flour to allow it to age naturally.

Can this be healthy? And, it's found in just about everything anymore.


In this site you might like to check out diet comparisons, very interesting.

Isn't it sad to think what God created for our good, man in his greed destroys and Satan uses to harm us by our lack of knowledge.


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