Pasta Vik

I was looking for something to make for dinner last night; this is what I just happened to have in the kitchen. Now what to do with it?

I talk to people often and share the importance to have an open mind and be creative - don't be afraid to try new things; even if things don't quite turnout as you'd hoped - try. Both products I've used before and like. If you haven't tried this brand of pasta before it may surprise you but as with any paste you need to be careful not not to over cook. It will turn mushy. Still good and edible but you won't care for the texture. The "chicken" sausage is good in a dish like this. It's on the spicy side but not to much. Though since it has the cheese in it you can tier of it if you serve it to much. It's great for a change and those of you out there that don't necessarily like pork. For this dish you can use any type of sausage or pasta.

Pasta Vik

1 whole onion (cut in half, sliced thin then cut slices in half)
2 gloves of garlic, minced
Saute' in a tablespoon of olive oil
Season with two pinches of kosher salt

sausage that's been cut in chucks (the sausage pictured is precooked if using other you can cook with onion and garlic drain)

Stir in:
1 28oz can of crushed tomatoes
let cook down a bit then add fresh herbs if you have them.
1 tsp each parsley, oregano, basil (depending on what you like more or less, I tend to use a tad more. Continue to simmer until it taste good to you maybe 3 - 5 minutes

Cook pasta using package directions. Don't over cook. ( The water you can have started at the beginning of the sauce prep.) The pasta can be done when sauce is ready if planned right. The pasta I use as package says is not mushy and it isn't unless over cooked

Garnish with a good dry grated cheese.


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