Red Beans and Rice

Last night I was thinking that people must think we are the "beaniest" people ever! My husband and son both said it was very good. Well I did use different beans and I added rice into the picture this time. HA
I found the recipe here - real-louisiana-red-beans-and-rice.html It is a great recipe it is a meat free version but the beans can be cooked with a ham hock if you'd like. I didn't have a ham hock on hand! Also you don't have to make it as spicy I would have like to have kicked it up but I used less heat for others.

A couple things; I didn't use the chipotle' and I didn't have the bell pepper - I threw in a small handful of dry sun dried tomatoes. Also it may seem like a lot of herbs (check original recipe) I works so use it. I also didn't use liquid smoke but used roasted mild chili powder. I let mine cook down a little to much but can be remedied with a little water or broth.

I used long grain brown rice and serve it up with Whole Wheat Biscuits.


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