Cinnamon Chicken - Grill Roasted

Remembering the story on Little House when Almanzo moved to Walnut Grove and Nellie said she'd fix him dinner - Cinnamon Chicken. Of course Nellie wasn't a cook so Laura said she would, but being in love with Almanzo decided to get back at Nellie and use cayenne pepper instead. I loved that episode and always wondered what Cinnamon Chicken would taste like.
My wondering is over and its excellent. I'm sure there's another recipe out there but is one I came up with myself. Pictured is the second time I made it the first I used a whole chicken and roasted it on the grill same as below.

I washed and patted dry:
4 leg and thigh pieces or one whole
I brushed lightly with olive oil
sprinkled with Kosher salt, fresh ground cinnamon, and chervil
I did this for both sides. Turning them a couple times while cooking.
I heated the grill on high, having the center off. Roasted it till done and served with roasted vege's (Asparagus, onion, and zucchini that was season similar but without cinnamon).

Pictured here I got the vege's done and then placed them back in dished I season them in and covered - or place in foil to heat back on grill when chicken is just about done.


Becky said…
It looks delicious! I have never been very good at grilling........except hamburgers! I loved the story about Little House - those were great shows!
Eileen said…
That sounds delicious! I love cooking/baking with cinnamon. There are many health benefits that come along with using cinnamon too. I am going to have to try this recipe next time we grill out. And, I remember that scene from Little House on the Prairie!

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