Fresh Herbs ~

You just can't beat fresh herbs and I'm so happy I'm able still pick some while we are still here. Yesterday I decided to do a little work in my herb box garden. I just have a few things left in there like a couple culinary lavender plants, Greek oregano, and 3 different types of mint. (Spearmint, Habek, & variegated peppermint). Below is a link if you're interested in different mints.

On the Greek oregano it has a very spicy flavor some could say intense or hot. It's most excellent I pull off the leaves and eat them. Sophie and Miki has had it also. (even cinnamon)
Now something you might not know or have recently thought of; Cinnamon.

I will never buy ground cinnamon again. I needed ground cinnamon for something recently - O' I heard it would chase ants away and I had some in my herb bed. Well I only had about a spoon full and thought; well I do have cinnamon sticks! I had a bag that was purchase from and Indian grocery store for my Tikka Marsala. They aren't your small, narrow sticks, this cinnamon is a good size similar to curled bark. Now for the "why" no more ground; as I was grinding the sticks I broke pieces off to eat -- and why not -- it is cinnamon and yum! It was sweet and hot cinnamon like red hots only much much better and the ground was just as yummy!
Below are a couple cinnamon links you can check out. Cinnamon is truly amazing not only is wonderful in foods is also good for you.

Next I'll post some yummy things I've made using the above ingredients.


Anonymous said…
The ground cinnamon you gave us was to die for! The best ground cinnamon I ever had. You must have had really good sticks to work with!

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