Fried Rice - Easy

This is a great easy recipe to do and I like making this when I have extra cooked rice.
In the picture above I used.

Cold rice
Kielbasa ( or any leftover ham, pork, chicken, shrimp, etc.) cut in small cubes
Diced onion (grn preferred but you can use what's on hand)
couple of eggs, beaten for scrambling (however, I forgot mine)LOL!
Turmeric, color (it as a bit of a flavor but it's used mostly for color) sprinkle desired amount
Bragg Liquid Amino or other soy sauce, desired amount

In a large skillet start browning meat if not cook or just start heating it through with onions. (If green onions are used don't put them in right away add after rice. Add rice, and start heating it through breaking up any lumps. Sprinkle in some turmeric. At this point move all your mix that's in the skillet to one side. Add eggs and start to scramble. When it looks as it just about done combine with rice mix. Add your soy to taste and stir a bit. That's it.

If you want it a bit more authentic looking cook your egg more like and omelet and cut in sliced fashion and stir into rice.


Becky said…
This looks and sounds delicious!!!

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