Okay, we have been in moving mode now for almost a year- but, as of recent very much so; a lot of things have been packed up or sold. No time for pickles! Last week my husband and I went to a great Amish farmers market and they had small cucumbers for pickles. Jim ask me if I'd have time to do up some sweet pickles I've done years past. They take 14 days of work. I told him I didn't think so but thought I could find another recipe that would work; I spent 2 days looking for one I liked (in this case 2 recipes).

The sliced pickle in the picture are Bread and Butter pickles that will be ready in 4 weeks for the best flavor. The Garlic Dills it didn't say and we couldn't what to try them out. I made both last week and I can tell you for a first try - Jim says the Dill are the best he's ever had and 3 others have to agree; me being one of course. The links to the recipes are posted at the bottom, and if I can find more small cucumbers I'll be canning a few more Garlic Dills before we leave.

Bread and Butter Pickles
Garlic Dill Pickles (I made mine in spears - this recipe very easy)

I'm thinking Roast Hot Peppers and Sweet!


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