A Time - Capsule!

It's sometimes surprising what you find while you are in the process of packing for a move. I found a Time Capsule full of my Gram's recipes she cut out from newspapers or magazines, written down or had been given from others in an old gold Folgers coffee can. It wasn't just found - I knew it was there but when you put something in a place for almost eight years and only look at the outside once in awhile; you sometimes forget all the treasures that just may be there.

One of the things that was surprise to me is that we actually did the same thing. Write a recipe down without writing what it is to be! LOL She made the most delicious rolls (buns if your from my neck of the woods) that I think I found - though no name. But, I'm almost certain since I bake myself and I plan on trying this recipe. She made many great things that went with the buns she made but, I remember eating them the most with Navy beans - I think maybe it's because they were always a favorite of mine.

In that can there were even recipes that I copied down for her to try and possibly myself. I don't plan on ever getting rid of that can! Even if I don't try all the recipes. I really miss her. Do you have a Time Capsule stuck some where?


Becky said…
What a wonderful treasure to find! I Do have a treasure like that - my grandmother's recipes written in her own handwriting. Priceless. And like you, recipes with no names - just a guess by the ingredients what it might be.

I have another treasure - a recipe book by Pillsbury given to me by my other grandmother when I was a young girl. Priceless also.

Thanks for sharing.
Eileen said…
That's a wonderful find! Do I have a treasure like that? I was given a recipe book by a family member (who has since passed away). They lived in Arizona in an airpark. It's a small tight-knit community. One day four years ago they all got together with all their favorite recipes and published a hardcover recipe book. I love that I was given a copy! Most of the people I know, so it is nice to be able to look at their favorite recipes and try them out.

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