Tonight Was A Grill Night ->

Today was a very busy day! I really didn't feel like making dinner and I know you probably feel the same sometimes. Grill is so fast and can be very healthy too. But some people are afraid to try new things / new ways of doing things. Some are just afraid of grilling period. Don't let grilling intimate you into not trying something different. What you do in the house on the stove can be achieved on the grill.
First start simple if you aren't sure. Think fresh! Just try and have fun with it.

On the grill was Tilapia, vegetables and fresh bread.

I knew I had fish I needed to cook up. Fish is one thing that cooks quick and can be over cooked since it does take long. So I got the veges ready first. I pulled out everything I had.

Red potatoes, washed and cut in small chunks
Onion, large and quartered
3 carrots, cleaned and cut in half if large and cut same thickness as potatoes
sweet peppers, seeded and cut in half or quarters
green bells cut similar to above peppers or 1/8ths
green cabbage, small head cut in chunks

First you want to start the veges that cook the same - so in a large bowl I put the prepared potatoes and carrots and drizzled with olive oil and a few pinches of kosher salt tossed. ( do the same prep with the rest and to your taste). On med - high heat I got the potatoes and carrots going I then added the other veges (in the same manner) in order of how they quickly they cook.
When the vegetables were close to done got the fish going.

For the Tilapia I rinsed and patted dry with paper towel, drizzled both sides with a little olive oil and sprinkled with desired seasonings. Placed on prepared grill pan. You don't need to turn the fish over. It will take about 8 minutes on medium heat. You know when its done it should flake off but not be dry inside. While the fish started I place my bread on top rack to heat through and crust up.

Serve all together. Remember plan your steps once you know what your fixing. Also try it first when you aren't so busy and see how easy it is.

I'm hoping this isn't confusing if you have questions about this let me know.


Becky said…
Looks delicious! This would be a meal I would have LOVED! Just found out this week the doctor wants me to lower my cholestrol so from now on will be eating much healthier and this would fit the bill!

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