Milk With Oatmeal Cookies!

I do still cook but with all the things I've got going on since our move I haven't had the time to get photo's - for they are nice to let everyone see what they can make and to set down and get the recipe up to share.  I did however, take the time to work on the out of date pictures and links on my blog did so over yummy cookies I made~

And,  what could be better than ice cold milk with oatmeal cookies?  I know - ice cold milk with a healthier version of oatmeal cookies.  I love good oatmeal cookies and often search for different recipes.  Sure I tweak mine here and there; but you'll agree that this recipe is great.  It's not to sweet yet sweet enough to satisfy - and without sugar.  I found the recipe for Healthy Oatmeal Cookies  on a link called The Wholegrain Gourmet and if you aren't allergic to wheat or gluten you just might like this site.  I know you will enjoy ;)


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