Green Tomatoes ~

Many of you may remember the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes," with Jessica Tandy playing Ninny Threadgoode.  The scene took place in a nursing home where she said, "Oh, what I wouldn't give for a plate of fried green tomatoes like we used to have at the cafe. Ooh!"

As far back as I can remember there has always been "oohs" and "ahs" with just the mention of green tomatoes.   Are wonderful neighbors purchased green tomatoes from our local farmers market and was very kind to give us some.  But I was thinking, "What else can you do with them?!"  I thought - relishes and salsas -  something more than just breading them, though I do like them that way; and of course my Dad went into the "ooh" and "ah" mode with just the mention!  So I started looking on with the internet where there's hundreds of (or more than) resources at your fingertips~

Several recipes caught my eye but here's one recipe you might not have thought of - actually the pie would be one - I just couldn't turn down the chocolate:)  So how about it!  Green Tomato Chocolate Cake~ and next time pie!

I don't believe there would be one thing I'd change except the baking time.  All ovens are different so you need to be careful as to not dry it out.  I think the same idea you get when baking a cake with apple sauce applies with using the tomatoes, it helps with the moistness of the cake.

This cake is packed full of goodies that I love; cocoa, cinnamon, oranges and don't forget tomatoes - green ones!  It doesn't take that many green tomatoes but, as you can see from the picture above; green tomatoes get ripe and turn red so you have to hurry!  I hope you'll consider trying this cake I think its a winner and would be great treat for your family or guests.

Here's a couple tips on the cake:  Do not over bake, the recipe says around 50 minutes at 350F - in my oven to long.  I'm sad to say my cake was a little dry but it would not keep me from making it again.  On the glaze I drizzled it over the cake, scooping the glaze from around the cake and keep drizzling in on top.  It does start to slow down as it's hardening.  Lastly I used the orange zest from fresh orange, you can use dried orange peel found in the spice section of your grocer.

For this cake recipe click here and you will find other links I'm found green tomato recipes listed below.

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Becky said…
MMMMMMMMMMMM LOOKS WONDERFUL!!!! Ok, I'll show my stupidity. How do you seed a tomato????? AND can I used a whole bunch of my cherry tomatoes???
Refracted Lite said…
Wow- I think they'd have to be green or use applesauce without sugar, you can make it your self. Seeding a tomato is simply cutting it ope - you can quarter it and scrap out the gelled part and seeds. Then put the tomato meat into you blender or processor and swirl it around until it's pureed. I could check on the cherry tomatoes:) and let you know.

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