A Good Idea For The New Year~ Quiche

I'm a big fan of Italian foods and very much enjoy Lydia's Italy and subscribe to her news letters.  This morning I finally got to my emails and opened Lydia's to find a challenge for the New Year - to commit not to waste food.
This is something I learned from my grandmother and I know many of my friends learned this from family that had gone through the depression.  I don't believe there are many of us that still continue to practice this.  I know sometimes I've let it go and not used food or leftovers wisely but not now.   I've mentioned in past posts that I'm more creative with my meals when I have little to spend or leftovers to use; nothing should go to waste.  I've also found that when practicing what you've been taught being wise with your purchases, not wasteful,  you not only cut down on cost you can eat healthier.  I realize - since I've been told this before - I don't know how to cook!  I beleive anyone can learn if they really want to; they might not be up to a chef's standards or a gramma's but you can do it non the same :)  I didn't cook with my gram but I watched~

Here is a recipe of mine you should try, you have to like eggs though and not allergic.  My mom likes eggs but not quiche, she told it tastes to much like eggs - I have no response to that except - :)  This recipe is simple and leftovers veges were used.

My Individual Vege Quiches

Since there were three of us I used 3 non-stick baking individual pans or you can use 1 casserole or spring form pan.  Prepare pan or dish, lightly brush with oil or butter.  Preheat oven to 350.

Ingredients to get ready

leftover- roasted asparagus chopped
leftover- thinly sliced Delicata squash, radishes and green bell pepper, I used for turkey wraps, and diced onions, I had from something else.  LOL
6 eggs
heavy cream, half and half or milk
Chevre (mild) soft goat cheese or other
oil or butter for sauteing and pan prep

Next step, I actually prepared the veges on the stove top with a little extra virgin olive oil in the pans I used to bake with.  You can also use a saute pan then divide into individual if making it that way - what ever works for you.  While the veges were sauteing - I whipped 6 eggs with cream and 2% milk combination (more cream than milk) - this I eyeballed to the consistency I liked but measuring  1-1 1/2 cups.  You can make this lower in fat by using just milk and fewer to no yolks, but I don't on the eggs.  Season with a bit of kosher salt and Cheyenne.

When the veges were ready I pour equal amounts of egg mixture into the pans, carefully as not to disturb the vegetables.  On top I used broken of chunks of Chevre soft goat cheese (not uniform in size).  Bake at 350 until set.  You can insert a butter knife in and if it comes out clean take it out.  Since I used individual pans cooking time is quicker 15-20.

I'm trying to improve on "writing down" and use measure cups etc.  I tend to toss in and eyeball. :)

ready for baking

starting to rise

time to eat~
You might like my other  Quiche recipe, oh I think I used measuring cups for it!  Please let me know if you have any questions - like I side I'm trying to do better :) I hope you enjoy.


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