Turkey & Wild Rice Stir Fry :)

Making the most out of my leftovers can sometimes be challenging.  First good leftovers really help but in this case I wasn't to excited since we had roasted turkey for Thanksgiving and again at Christmas.  However, I wanted to do something different - I had already fixed a huge pot of soup in November and I still have stock to do with the bones (that's just smart).
So what to do with some left over meat - most people would have just tossed it or given it to there dogs, maybe just left it in the frig for awhile to justify tossing it out:) I couldn't do that either!

Here's what I did - it wasn't brilliant just a smart use with what I had - that tasted great.  First, cook wild rice according to package directions.  (Best if prepared early in the day or day before, it will fry up better with the rest of ingredients, but I didn't do that this time). Then got out the turkey and vegetables I thought would go well.  I cut the meat in strips or chunks. and since it was already cooked it shorten the time greatly.  I stir fried the veges  tossed in the meat then sat that aside or if you have a large wok you can push up the side to keep it out of the way.  I added a little oil tossed the rice to loosen it up then dumped it into pan fried it a bit  then mixed it together; everything went together quickly after the rice was done. 

Nothing here is exact except for the package direction on the rice, have some fun with your food and enjoy your creations!

I enjoyed this enough to make it again but using ground turkey with whatever fresh vegetables I happened to have.  Cooked it all up in a very old wok we got when we were first married.

I've always loved using Bragg Liquid Aminos but the Coconut Aminos is new to me and definitely will be using again! 


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