Now These Are Little Gems!

Here's something that might be new for you to try and that is a healthier alternative to fix those chocolate cravings! I've been wanting to do something in the "RAW" department for a long time now that is different than raw vege's or fruit; you know the things most tend to think of when thinking raw and healthy.
These little gems will literally melt in your mouth as well as you hand if you hold them there to long.  :)  I've made Chocolate Truffles before and I can say they are reminiscent of them but without the sugar or fat of heavy cream.  The cookies are sweetened with maple syrup and instead of the heavy cream coconut oil is used. 

As I was checking favorite links and I think I stumbled on to Raw Somoa Cookies  through Nourished Kitchen though I can't be sure.  But where ever I found it I'm happy I did.  The cookies are simple to make - DELICIOUS to eat - but may take a little doing getting the ingredients together.  I already all that was needed since I purchase everything for other things :)  - the trick is to buy at little at a time and you possibly will need to shop at a Health Food Store though some grocers will carry much if not all of what you need. 

Ingredients: coconut oil, coconut, raw caoca (cocoa), maple syrup and for the crunchy topping raw buckwheat groats (soaked and dehydrated).  I was excited about the grouts I purchased them in bulk and was more than happy to try them out in my dehydrator.  But after really looking at the grouts I realized the step wasn't need - the groats had already been through a drying process and possibly roasted.  :/  I used them anyway.  The creator of the recipe RiddleLove also had a finished top of "drizzle" but I skipped that step.   I hope you'll try them!


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