Pretty Little Rosewater Tea Cookies~

Here on a pretty little serving  plate
With hand painted wild roses upon,
Set delicate little Rosewater Tea Cookies
And, a scent of Wild Rose petals rest upon.
VLB 5-10-11 

I've seen it in many stores, I've  heard of it used as a flavoring and I so much wanted to try something with - Rosewater~
I was happy to find this recipe and the plan was to make them for Mother's Day.  I did get the dough ready and put it in the freezer to chill - but never got to bake them until yesterday.  My husband said the only problem with them is the batch was way to small.  I purchased my Rose Petals Rosewater of Heritage Products, from our local Health Food Store - it is food quality.

FYI - Some uses of Rosewater and Rose facts:
Uses for Rosewater
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