Delicious Zucchini Bread - "Without a Doubt!"

Sorry I don't have a picture - I'm actually sharing from the Library here.  Our home computer, after years of excellent service, decided to take a dive into a non working state.  :(  My husband is with a friend on a road trip holiday and took his laptop with him.  So here I am. 

I was looking for something extordinary and this is one of those recipes that you can leave in or leave out; still excellent results.  I've never been disappointed with recipes I've tried from 101 Cookbooks.  As I've said you can leave out what you might not care for or leave in.  I didn't have all the ingredients and had to leave out some of the things I would have left in.  I also ended up substituting a few ingredients!  Not because I wanted to but when I started I didn't have the Wheat Pastry Flour so I changed some things etc.  I'm hoping to soon do sprouted grain breads and cut out much of the flour if not intirely. 

What I didn't have and used in this recipe:
3 Cups of Wheat Pastry Flour - I used (1 C Red Wheat Flour, 1Cup Oat Bran, 1Cup Spelt)
1 Cup of Sugar & 1/2 Cup fine grain sugar - I used (1Cup brown sugar lightly packed & 1/2 Cup Raw honey)
I also used 1 lemon zest instead of 2 or cutting it completely and I used 1/2 walnuts and 1/2 pecans.

That's it.  It's delicious and simple and makes 2 loaves.  I would be blown away if you didn't like it.  I'm anxious to try it with the poppy seeds and curry.  I left the curry out I didn't think my Dad would have liked it and I didn't have the poppy. 


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