Baked Salmon w/ Fresh Sauted Vege's~ hummmmm

I have so many drafts started with pictures to share I'm trying to get them posted before I forget!  I made this June 18, last year!  LOL  I still make salmon as much as I can.
Fresh Salmon is the best and did you know that it only comes from the Northwest Pacific Coast!  I only ask that since many people are surprised to hear that it there isn't Atlantic Salmon.  Well there is but it's farmed.  There are many links on Wild Salmon I'm including this site others you can google it also lists info on farmed.

Baked Salmon

Just ignore the old pan it's clean but well used!

So simple - I purchased the Alaskan Salmon (frozen) thawed it out in the frig.  When ready to use rinsed it off well and patted it dry with paper towel.  Place in lightly oiled pan for baking - you can also use foil.  Drizzled extra virgin olive oil on top, sprinkled with kosher salt, added fresh herbs, what I happen to have from the garden, (thyme and parsley) then thinly sliced lemon.   Bake at 350 for 8 - 10 minutes - you want to cook it but not over cook it.  It was on the thinner side here are some recipes with info on how to cook salmon. 

For the sauted vegetables I used carrots and green beans.  I cleaned the vegetables and dried them. I sliced the carrots thin since they take some time to cook.  Got my pan ready added about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil - tossed in the vege's and got them started -stirring at times to cook evenly.  I also added roughly minced - diced fresh garlic, toasted almonds I roughly sliced and seasoned with kosher salt.  Cook until tender but not mushed.

Overall - I prepped everything first and got the vege's going just before I put in the salmon.  Main thing I wanted it all to be done close to the same time.


With all you hear about mercury in fish, here are two links on how to calculate the amount of fish you can safely eat.  I case you are wondering Wild Alaskan Salmon is as safe as you can get - at the top of the list! Yummy

How Much Fish
Got Mercury?


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