Not Just Any Chicken Soup!

This isn't just Chicken Soup - but delicious homemade chicken soup.  Very fresh and very homemade!  One that Gram could be proud of; who would have thought that chicken soup could be so delicious.  Maybe I was just hungry for it or maybe it's the ingredients put worth.  It all started with - 

Yep - Chickens!  Well not these chickens but two from the chicken yard.   Dad called me one day and said he "got rid of a couple hens."  Me - "Why?"  Dad - "Soup."  Then added "they make good soup." LOL  The chickens are of a game variety and are lean but they tend to be a bit greasy.  They are also fed the best possible feed and aren't chemically treated as you find most poultry you would purchase from the market.
I made my Stock very much as a past posting though I didn't use all the same ingredients.  In this pot and using for the first time to try out "natural soup socks" I bought several months ago which I had tossed in a drawer and forgotten.  The socks worked great!  I used all three socks, two for chickens and remaining for the vege's that consisted of onion, celery, carrots and ginger root.  Added fresh herbs of Rosemary and thyme - salt.  With the socks you are able to lift the contents straight out and have clear stock or broth. 
Next day - I made the soup using half of the stock, diced celery, onion, garlic, carrots, chicken and buckwheat groats for the first time in soup; according to the Wholes Healthiest Food site very good for you too. 
I still have 8 cups of stock left and chicken - my mind is busy thinking on to make next~


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