Bread "Custard" Pudding

It's March and chickens are laying eggs!  Saying reminds me of a song that John Prine's sung "Ain't Hurtin` Nobody" that has reference to chickens laying - humorous but not sure if everyone would like it, so you can check it out on your own~   I've already collected and boxed up nine - yes nine - dozen of eggs over the past week.   Yes kids! they're back and back by popular demand!  LOL 

So what do you do with lots of eggs?  One request was for bread pudding.  I remember my gram used to make it and it was loved by all of us.  She also used to make custard (with variations here and there) but her bread pudding to me was always a combination of the two.   Basic ingredients, eggs, milk, sugar and bread.  I looked at several recipes and ideas others had.  I also remembered watching gram when she made hers.   Below is a picture of mine that I think gram would have been proud of!  Hope you'll give it a try.   Now on to the rest of the eggs!  :)

Bread "Custard" Pudding

3 large Sprouted Wheat Bagels (crust was softer so I didn't remove all of it) 3/4" - 1"squares
It was enough to fill bottom of an unprepared Corning Ware oval casserole dish (2.8L) with about 2 layers of cubes

I then scaled 3 cups of low fat organic milk
While the milk was cooling down some I prepared the rest of the ingredients.

In a bowl mixed:
4 fresh eggs
1/3 cup of organic cane sugar from cane juice
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla

Then add cooled milk to egg mixture stirring to mix through.  Pour evenly over bread cubes in an unprepared baking dish.  Not necessary to butter or grease since the dish will be placed in a pan with water to bake.  (I used an old rectangular cake pan)
After pouring the liquid over all the bread I patted down into the liquid any bread poking up and let it sit will I heated the oven to 325 F. 

If you just want custard leave out the bread place in custard "ramekins" and bake using the same method.
Variations:  gluten free breads of choice, raisins, coconut, blueberries - - the ideas are endless - well almost!

Boil water for the bath.  At this point what ever is easier.  I placed the baking dish into the pan then poured hot water into the pan fulling up to 1/2 of the side of the pan.  Using mitts the pan was hot into the oven and baked 35 mins.  Check the doneness with placing a butter knife in and it comes out clean.


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