Chives and Chive Blossoms

I love growing herbs and use them as much as I can.   Sometimes - no, most of the time I don't take full advantage of the herbs I grow.  This year I'm hoping to remedy that.  Over the past few years I've planted chives, in containers (Ohio) and in the garden here.  In the garden they grow beautifully and both container or garden they continue to come back wonderfully.  Most don't realize you can eat the blossom, last year when I was working in the garden I would munch on my herbs including chive blossoms.  Try them in your salads they really spice it up and makes it look pretty. 

This past couple days I made Chive Blossom Vinegar that I thought I found through my newsletter from Herb Companion - but I didn't. . . So I had to locate where I found the (ridiculously simple) recipe to share.  BTW - I'm not new to herbal infusions -  though I've never thought of using chive blossoms.   As I previously stated they are edible and I was munching on them in the garden last year.  Anyway, what got me to see "chive blossom vinegar" in the first place, I was checking out different ways to use chive powder.   Oh I have recently made powder from dried chives.  I also have them in my freezer.  But back to the vinegar! 
All you simply do is collect pretty chive blossoms from your garden, making sure the blossoms have opened.  I didn't have that many to use so I used much less than what is been typically used for this recipe.  You need a jar - I used a Kombucha jar (a fermented raw drink I one day will make :) one day) - make sure it's very clean.  Place the blossoms in and full it up with white or champagne vinegar; I used white.   I sat it in a dark place for a day or so. . . okay I did remember I had it there.  :)  

Here's the pic's:

You know I have one of the best camera's - two in fact - and what did I grab; my cell phone!  :/  Just think how beautiful the color would be if I used more blossoms.  Oh, and have it steeps for a couple days - the blossoms will fade and to pour it through a strainer into another perfectly clean jar.   Below are a few - just a few mind you of other chive blossoms links.  Oh! the chive powder I used my spice mill to powder the dried chives.  The power is used I'm sure for many things I'm sure though I've only found it to be used in Asian recipes. . .  Of course none that I can speak of or share.   For another day~

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