Coconut Muffins ~

I can honestly say "I won't change a thing!"  I don't know if you have a love for coconut like do - or should I say "a rediscovered love."  But ever since I was little I've loved coconut and for some reason though got away from it.   Who knew it was so good for you and that it was so versatile.   I made the coconut flour muffins - found here and made them just as the recipe was written - keep in mind when using coconut flour you don't want to pack it in; I used Bobs Red Mill but did not pay the price they are asking I had the one pound package.  There's so many great links out there with coconut I hope you take the time to check them out.  I plan on making more things as I have time.  :)

For more information and recipes you can go to links below.
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