I've been up to a few things ~ :)

Well, honestly more than a few but here are the "few" that I wanted to share.

Only made it to Angle Orchard once. :(  I waited to long and apples were gone and they closed.
Dehydrated most, made apple butter and apple sauce.
This is the second batch of Hatch Chili - last of the season. First batch 30lbs above 35-40.
Canned pinto beans with chili and packaged dry the other 98lbs of pintos.

So with the chili I cleaned and seeded the first batch - freezing and drying some.  I also dried some open and they formed awesome hot chips!  I'm still working on the 2nd - I'm dehydrating them whole with seeds, I did clean them and that was a job.  I canned some and will see where we go with the rest.  I definitely got short changed with the first batch and will not get them from that dude again!  I don't believe it was a full 30 lbs.
I'm happy to report that even though I missed a second picking of Angle Orchard apples the owners give us a box that has a sample of their apples. Yippee!  They also gave my dad a large box of discarded apples (excellent condition) for his chickens.  He has trading a few of hens for apples - they're having chicken for Thanksgiving this year.  :D


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