So what's so good about soaking nuts?

Needed large jar or glass bowl, sea salt, pecans, filtered water.

In jar went 5 cups pecans, 1 Tbsp sea salt, cover with water.

 I placed a white milk glass insert from canning lid to hold nuts down.

I let them soak several hours, drained, rinsed and dehydrated (dry).

It's so simple - takes a little more time but is oh so good for you :) I'm thankful that my Dad planted pecan trees.  If you love nuts and seeds as I do, for snacking and recipes you love,  why not reap as much nutritional benefits from them as you can.

So why is soaking important?  Nuts / seeds,  as well as grains and legumes, as I've been reading all have anti-nutrients or phytates and enzyme inhibitors surrounding them.  It keeps them from germinating but also keeps you from getting much of the nutrients and not digesting them properly causing gas, belly ache or heaviness in your gut if you consume to many.  That's the easiest way to explain so I've posted links below of interest.

The pecans tasted wonderful and I checked by consuming quite a bit and no heaviness or causing me to say - - why did I do that!  I think you will be pleased with the results.

I could spend all day posting links here's a few (+) to get you going.

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