Cranberry Salsa with Fruit Stuffed Turkey

This recipe was torn from Victoria Magazine November 2002 edition.

What took so long for me to make it?  I'm clueless, delicious is the word I'd use and perfect for the turkey I roasted.  

Cranberries, orange and jalapeno after several goes at pulsing.

We thought we'd have more people for Christmas but it will be just the three of us this year.  The plan, fix a small turkey and ham.  To make it easier I thought roast the bird a day or so before Christmas and do the ham Christmas Day.

Still forging ahead the turkey was roasted yesterday evening and is outstanding - much better than Thanksgiving LOL!  I used my grams old roaster - stuffed it with:

1 washed and quartered orange
1 washed, quartered and seeded apple
1 small - medium quartered onion

I made sure the inside was dried and salted a bit - using Eden Sea Salt - stuffed,  Then patted dry the outside and rubbed with a bit of oil - I used Safflower.  Then I rubbed all around the outside with Eden Sea Salt mixed in my mortar with sage, tarragon and marjoram.    

The flavors of the herbs and the fruit is fantastic and will be perfect with the Cranberry Salsa!
After setting in the frig for 24 hours.
With what I have already finished I hoping Christmas Day will be more restful - it's truly been some week.  And, no problem with a few leftovers it all can be put away for another time, our son should be here in a week or so  - that is if there's any leftovers! 

Most people have cranberries around Thanksgiving - this family could eat them all the time.  Turkey on the other hand not so often unless I use other recipes and not making it the same way.  I hope you give this a try and Merry Christmas!


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