Baby Shower Baking - Gluten Free

Earlier in December I went to my niece's baby shower and taken along delicious gluten free sugar cookies and cupcakes I made.  For the cookies I didn't have time to try out recipes that I would have like so I relied and trusted a well known gluten free mix.   Yes, I trusted in Pamela's Sugar Cookie Mix - Roll and Cut.  We've used her pancake mix and really like it but hadn't tried their other products.  Delicious, a great workable cookie dough.  The hard part was the decorating - time consuming.  I used homemade royal icing colored with AmeriColor food coloring.   I wanted to try a India Tree natural food coloring but as it was we drove all over Tucson to get AmeriColor.  Glad we did I definitely prefer it to Wilton's.

The cookies just might be the best gluten free sugar cookie I've had - and very close to my made from scratch regular sugar cookie, in fact they tasted the same.  The cookies were for decorating the tops of the cupcakes.  I made the cookies small using a cutter and hand cut the onesie's with a sharp knife around a pattern I made (deciding the cookies were a quicker idea over making just royal icing candies- to long) but they were still to large.   I forgot regular size cupcakes were small.  Over all - Delicious!

Now as much as I liked/loved the sugar cookies - I have to say the cupcakes were it!  Hands down - up whatever, they were the best I've made!  No joke!

The Red Velvet cupcakes were gluten free and from scratch.   I searched long and hard for a recipe that suited me.  Originally the plan was to make two different cupcakes - a dark chocolate and another.  I didn't make a sample run on the dark chocolate cupcake and they were outstanding.  But I didn't follow the recipe exact (I jotted it down wrong) they turned out.  When it was time to make them I copied the recipe again but correct (I couldn't find first until after the fact) they were awful!  When I located the first that I wrote I saw the mistake.  Funny!  So just the Red Velvet recipe was taken you can locate the recipe here, the flour blend I used is below.  I used a cream cheese frosting

for the tops that I piped on using a large tip and parchment bag.

There are several flour mixes you can make or purchase - I've made them from scratch and the recipe used below I found on the Art Of Gluten Free Baking link is the best I've used for this type of baking. It is closer to an all-purpose or cake type flour. 

Gluten Free Flour Mix

1 1/4 cups brown rice flour
1 1/4 cups white rice flour
1 cup tapioca flour
1 cup sweet rice flour
2 scant xanthan

Using a large glass jar that would hold several cups I added all the ingredients.  Mixed it all together by shaking it well to mix through.  Any large container will work that has a good fitting lid.  By making "lots," you can have it when you need it. 

Definitely Delish!


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