Farls and Soda Bread ~

When my brother and I were little our Gram used to make us what she called scones; not like recipes I've posted in the past.  Her scones were of simple ingredients much like a biscuit and she latter came to use Bisquick.  She would make the dough roll it out thin, cut into a square or triangle and fry it on top of the stove using bacon grease, it resembled more of a pop tart (thin).  That's what I knew of scones.

I also made them for my boys using Bisquick and fried in like manor, using bacon grease or oil.  I of course changed things latter in years with not using Bisquick at all, but making them from scratch and baking the scones in the oven.  :)

When March comes around I always think Irish and try to make things that I don't normally the rest of the year.  I really don't know way - it isn't difficult, perhaps it's the "commercialized" flare of St. Patrick's Day that gets us thinking.  :)  My husband is all Irish and my family has Irish blood in it.  I've always enjoyed good soda bread and after researching I found out many interesting links.  It got me thinking possibly, that Gram wasn't making actual scones but a version of what was known as Farls.  "Though wrong her scones were scones and she did make Potato Farls."  :D

Through my Gram comes from Irish decent they would have eaten similar and possibly only squabble over it's origins.  LOL  Or at least maybe my Great Grandmother "Mom" both were pretty tough.  :)

Below are the Farls I made last year.  Using simple ingredients, flour, soda, salt and buttermilk.  Very easy and tasty -

I was very pleased with how they turned out.  We had them with Corned Beef and Cabbage of course!

Today is her birthday - she's been gone for several years going to be with the Lord in her 90's.  She would have been 111 years old.  Happy Birthday - I miss you terribly!


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