Beet, Apple Salad with Honey Lavender Goat Cheese ~

Beets, Apple and Lavender Honey Goat Cheese a delicious salad O' yum! I found this recipe surfing the web for goat cheese and honey ideas.  That was at least a year or so ago and when I was looking at my bookmarks - low and behold there it was!  What on earth took so long?  Well I can think of a number of things and just wont go there; I hurried as quickly as I could to post this still it took to long! Yikes!!

The blog I found the recipe on was; A is For Armadillo it has many lovely recipes you will have to check out.

The first thing I did was get my beets ready by washing them off, trimmed them up a tad, wrap in foil and through them on the grill and baked until they were tender. I didn't remove the skins prior - do that after they are tender and they remove quite easily.

While the beets were cooking I mixed up the goat cheese (I used a large log of Chevre type), raw honey and lavender blossoms from Lost Mountain Lavender Farm.  :)  Once mixed altogether adding honey and lavender to taste (since I used a larger portion), roll into a log and place back in frig.

Don't forget the beets! Now, Make the dressing to drizzle!

This is a double recipe (of course it is - you know the "cheese!")
6 Tbsp olive oil
4 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
a couple splashes of balsamic vinegar
salt & pepper
1 tsp. lavender (optional - but worth it)!
Mix well and set aside.

Slice beets, one apple and place on some greens drizzle dressing and don't forget the Lavender Cheese :P  

To this I added a small piece of salmon for a perfectly put together meal.

Oh my - a piece of Copper Creek Salmon went nicely!  I purchased a piece that was "to small;" rinsed it off with cold water, patted it dry, drizzled it a tad with the dressing posted above, wrapped loosely with foil and placed on grill till done.  The grill burners were adjusted for roasting.  Outside burners on middle burner off.  Remember it's easy to over cook fish - sadly drying it out.  So be mindful of the time.  It should be done and still moist.  Flaking off easily.  Cooking time about 10 minutes for 1 inch thickness.

Delicious ~

There are many links for Copper Creek Salmon I just grabbed one I thought was helpful. Be sure to check your favorite grocer it's the season for the best fish hands down!


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