Pan Seared Salmon Taco's

I've always loved fish tacos and I've made them many times with fish leftover from a previous dinner.  But, Copper Creek Salmon is especially delish!  We bought up as much fresh salmon as we could and happily put in our freezer.  

Pan Seared Salmon Tacos

You will need:

Salmon - I used just under a pound, rinsed off and patted dry
Simply Organic Fish Taco Seasoning packet, use as directed
Grape-seed oil or other for searing
Fresh Spring Salad greens
Yogurt, plain for dressing or sour cream
Soft Corn Tortillas or fried and whatever brand you prefer
Large skillet that can also be used in the oven to finish off cooking (if needed)

Easy searing directions from "Martha."
Once seared put together in anyway you choose - serve it up with fresh fruit and a big smile! :D


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