Easy Quick Pizza

As much as I love making my own pizza crust - I purchased a package of Ciabatta Flatbread on sale.  I sure wished I purchased more of the Ciabatta it made a really good quick pizza.  The Sour Dough Pizza Crust, same brand, I didn't care for - it was tough.

I preheated my oven and baking stone.  If you're using a baking stone make sure you take time to heat it through.  I preheated 450 degrees.

I drizzled liberally the crust with olive oil and took a brush to make sure it was covered.  I then used small package of 4 types of Italian cheese (I think, lol) - I then added piece of grilled steak sliced thin that I had leftover from the night before.  Then decided Anchovies - why not I love them!  And, placed the salty morsels around.

I also added chopped garlic then slices of tomatoes.  Topping it off with a new cheese for me that I've been wanting to try - Queso Superior Cotija Ranch Style - it's dry like parmigiano reggiano and a tad salty.  :)

Baking it on the "hot" baking stone until the cheese melted and the crust looked done to my liking.  :)  I absolutely loved it with the anchovies!  I'll be doing it again :) Yep!


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