A "Perfectly Good" Chocolate Cake

Yep - we celebrated another birthday - with to much food (heavy dinner choices from Dad) and of course "cake!"  I do believe - in my own mind that I can bake.  I've also been told this from others.  Pictured is cake number two - the first cake was tossed; TOSSED!

I realize there's always a story with me and originally I wanted to make a Sour Milk Chocolate Cake.  Is there such a thing as sour milk that's spoiled?  There has to be!  Well more to this story is the sweet goat milk I didn't finish that soured - yet I just didn't want to through it out.  Mistake for cake - the sweet milk turned sour and spoiled to goaty - that lead me to pictured cake and number two.  :D  The Perfectly Good Chocolate Cake from Hershey.

It was moist and tasted great - I did make this cake before.  I'm just not into to sweet and it is that.  I cut back a bit on the sugar but at this point I was already caked out!  LOL  I also did not frost the cake as in recipe I just slathered it in the middle and on top and sprinkled pecans on.  Oh the cake does require milk also but sweet and last word on the recipe - it states thin batter - - runny is really the word and when you make it don't worry about the batter it all turns out and makes a lot.  Very rich! Black coffee needed or a tall glass of ice cold "sweet milk."  :D

Most important Dad liked it - it was his birthday and that's all that mattered!

And by the way Joanie check it out I was able to use the cake tin top you bought me.  It actually worked perfect on my glass cake server.  Thank you dear friend I miss a lot!

For a crafty tip - if you don't have a pedestal cake server you can make your own like I did.  All you need is a glass plate, a parfait dessert glass and clear silicon.


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