Coconut flour - Banana Bread

GF, Paleo, moist and delicious!  Similar to the Grain Free Banana Bread I made last year but not exactly, both delicious and moist.  I just didn't have any almond flour left and needed to use up coconut flour I had.  I don't know why I question myself as to where I have to add other flours to coconut flour.  I do know that if you are using other flours you really need to keep in mind coconut flour swells so you don't you use as much.  Example, no equal exchanges as with a cup of wheat to a cup of a gluten free flour or oat etc.  However, in this recipe one cup of coconut is used and more eggs were added.  Anyway I'm not an expert and appreciate those like Camilla food writer and blogger of Power Hungry, that do what they do for others like myself to enjoy a healthier delicious treat!

The only thing different I did was my eggs were small so I used two extra also I was soaking some raisins for something else I was making in Triple Sec and used that in the batter instead of vanilla.  I also used freshly grated ginger.  Very happy with how it turned out!  You will find the recipe here and I believe you will happy with how it turns out!  


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