Green Bean Chips

What do you do with a ton (figuratively) green beans? The Borderlands Produce Pow-wow started back up and twice I ended up with green beans some people turned them down.

You'll need: 5 pounds green beans (there about)
1/3 cup of melted coconut oil
4 tsp salt (redmond or other)
1/4 cup nutritional yeast

When I first made these delicious green bean chips, Whole New Mom recipe here, I didn't have the right ratio. Not enough beans since I used some verses nutritional yeast and salt.  With the second go of it I weighed the beans with better results. The Nutritional Yeast gives them a cheesy flavor but as much as I love salt it was to much the first go of it.  I'm sure there are a number different ways and variations to this I thought this a good recipe to try.

You will need about 5 pounds of green beans cleaned and stemmed.  Melt the coconut oil and drizzle over beans, keep in mind if the beans are to cool the coconut oil will thicken up again and make it hard to evenly toss together the ingredients.  With Nutritional Yeast and salt mixed together sprinkle evenly all over the beans and toss all together.

Once you have all the ingredients incorporated evenly together as possible place on your dehydrator racks. Set dehydrated at preferred settings, 125 degrees for 10-12 hours, 135 degrees about 8 hours. You also could dehydrate them at a lower temp starting with 115 degrees for an hour or two then drop to around 95 degrees to keep them raw but at a dried state.  I'd done this with other vegetables and was pleased with how they came out.  It just takes a looonnggg time  :) with more nutritional value - so they say.

I dried them first time at 125 - 135 lol and the second go 125 decrease, pic above first batch.  I loved them!

I also used the same idea on kale ~

Nutritional Yeast

You could have say I was a bit over zealous the first time with the cheesy flavor! I could have easily used extra the second time! I love the stuff - good for you - great tasting - goes excellent with many things!  Enjoy~


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