Savoring Flavors

Yes, it's me and I did it! I'm surprised that I did. I didn't even think that I'd even need a second blog spot. But, I think I'll be happy with it; hopefully you will also.

My biggest reason for Savoring Flavors; was so I could post recipes and keep my original blog the same. On Refracted Lite ; it looked as though I was posting more about food than anything else. Not that I didn't want to post about food, I just didn't want it to take over. My original will still have food (possibly) but with the recipe linked to this site. Anyway, I'm still working out the details and you know things are always subject to change. Ha.

The picture above with the blog title, is of my one dog Sophie. She's a bullmastiff that absolutely loves popcorn. I used it because, in this picture Sophie didn't even get a taste yet. She was just savoring the flavor, so to say. Just smelling it tempted her taste buds. And, of course; It's all about food. I do have a Jack Russell, Miki, who loves popcorn also. Just not the camera.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to have posted a couple new recipes I've recently tried. V


Becky said…
Your dog is adorable! You are amazing being able to have two different blogs and make them so colorful and creative! (Especially with all else you have going on!)
Becky said…
My daughter has requested antipasto salad for her birthday on Monday and I also need to take something to a church picnic tomorrow. I have never made it and am looking at various recipes on the internet. Do you have a good (and easy!) recipe for it?

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