Pictured below are some of the highlights of my day -yesterday. Today (Sat.) was our youngest son's birthday, as well as, our pastor's appreciation dinner. So it all began yesterday / Thursday with all the food preparation. We were out of bread so I planned the bread Thursday and made the started that evening. Friday morning came along and I had to plan my strategy wisely. So the first order of business - coffee.

I new Aaron wanted cheesecake for his birthday. The bread takes time - most of the day, so I needed to get that going first. We had purchased strip steaks at Costco and since I didn't separate them before I froze them, I had steak I needed to do something with. FAJITAS! The steak needed to marinate over night, but I wasn't using flank steak that required over night, I got it going in the morning for Friday evening. Actually, I just forgot to do that Thursday evening and quickly got that going - after my coffee and the start on my bread. LOL Then on to the cheesecake! Yippee! As I started hauling out the Fajita fixings, I realized I needed tortillas for it also. So that was in the works (double batch). Friday night I got the chicken going (marinating) for the Tikka Marsala I was planning for Saturdays dinner. The only thing I didn't make was Naan bread. I don't know either I ran out of time or maybe I was just pooped. Below are the recipes. I hope you try them and enjoy.

The Chicken Tikka Marsala you find here.
The Rustic French bread recipe you can find -


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