Tamale' Pie

Do to this economic situation - "crisis" you might be finding yourself in a place where funds are on the low or no side. As in our family you just maybe running out of ideas of what to fix. Or even thinking; "I don't want to fix anything at all!" No sweat try revamping your leftovers! LOL Yes it is possible and does require leftovers. Have you ever planned for leftovers? Sometimes we get 2 -3 different meals out of our leftovers.

I learned a long time ago when my boys were little - actually even before that; when I was little. My gram would make a big dinner, say like a roast with the fixings. She would always use the leftovers in a good way. Maybe she'd use leftover roast in a spread for sandwiches, or in a hash or pot pie. You get the idea, she would even take leftover mashed potatoes and make something new out of them. I have continued in the same manner. My gram lived on a farm and grew up helping to care for brothers at an early age, as well as, living through the Great Depression - you learned never to waste. EVER!

It's important when shopping you plan. Plan your meals as well as, be thinking of leftovers. I knew one lady who always made TV dinners out of leftovers, she'd wrap them up suitable for freezer time and mark what was in them. As you are well aware you do get tired of eating the same thing and more so does your kids. The right planning works and helps with your concerns of whether you are eating right and receiving the proper nutrition. Food should be enjoyed and fun to fix. And if you have kids help food to by fun and enjoyable for them to eat whats good for them.

Anyway, it's something to think about. Now to the Tamale' Pie. My husband is the one who first introduced me to Tamale' Pie - his mom liked making casseroles and I think in general foods that were quick and easy. Not necessarily bad she was a Realtor and had to make what she believed worked. I made things mostly from scratch that's how I grew up. So I've made Tamale' Pie regular and also from leftovers. Tamale' Pie consists of taco type meat on bottom, onions etc. you can throw in corn if you like, top with enchilada sauce, cheese than top with corn bread of choice.

Tonight I cooked some ground meat added a little salt and garlic (minced) I then used the rest of the Red Beans and Rice dish I made the other night (omitting the rice). Then I took a pint of chili I canned and poured that in heating it through. Next I poured it all in a rectangular baking dish, lightly oiled. On top lots of grated cheese and on top of that corn bread. Bake according to instructions for baking your corn bread. The rest is just heating through. Serve it up with a salad or vegetable of preference.

My chili can be found here. http://savoringflavors.blogspot.com/search/label/Chili


marie said…
This looks YUMMY !! I will have to try it.
I love this blg site Vik. I really thin you should have a book made, or eve na show. You are a great cook.
Love and Miss you,
Your sister patty
marie said…
Talk about typo's..ugh. Hope you understood my first post.
Gonna be one of those days
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy making a new meal with my leftover mashed potatoes. Depending on how much I have left over, I sometimes make Shepherd's Pie. Depending on what vegetables I have on hand, determines what I put in the pie. (My dad was in the Navy during WWII and he said they put just about everything they had in theirs!) If I have a large quantity of mashed potatoes leftover, I will layer them with french fried onions and shredded cheddar cheese and bake them.

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