Beautiful Peaches!

Just look at them! Beautiful Peaches from Angle's Orchard so pretty and as fresh as you can get.  I was so happy to pick them this year and I plan on going back for more before they're gone.  A local store here does cater to local farmers and Angle also has their peaches there, selling for 1.20 a pound that isn't so bad - but cost wise we do better picking ourselves.  It's such a treat to go to the orchard and pick your own.   For handy information click on Peaches - there is even links for "you pick" orchards in your areas.
I realize peaches just might not be as available since the season in on its way out.  I still have a few recipes I'd like to post - yummy recipes with the peaches we picked in the photo above but, I've been side tracked :(  I hope you've enjoyed local peaches in your areas :)


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