Raw Goat Milk Clabber / Cheese

Nothing is as delicious as a cold fresh glass of milk and better still, raw - mmm so good.  Over the past serval months we've been fortunate to purchase raw goat milk locally at the Farmers Market.  If you happen to have an abundance or if you would like try something different with excess milk; here's one or two great ideas for you!

Clabber ~

If you don't already know you maybe wondering - What is clabber?  According to "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Fermenting Foods," by Wardeh Harmon of GNOWFGLINS; a new book for me I'm happy to have in my kitchen - A mild tasting, yogurt like cultured dairy that requires no starter and is delicious added to smoothies or used in dressings and dips.  (This naturally fermented milk can also feed to your chickens or dogs if you happen to have them).

Whether you use raw goat or cow milk either will be "utter" deliciousness!  :)

1.  Put milk in a large (1/2 gal) jar.  Cover with a paper towel secured with band. Set on counter or other place undisturbed at room temperature.  Wait a couple days or so.  I had this is an area that was cooler and had to move it to the corner counter - it then set up.

2.  Check once in awhile it will start to separate from the whey.  BTW - whey is way good too!  (info link below)  At this point the top cream, liquid is whey and below thickened milk.  All usable.

Clabber Cheese ~

Clabber cheese is just as easy - place top cream after separation into folded cheese cloth and hang to remove any left liquids or use a preserve separator as pictured.  You can keep and use plain or add herbs etc.  When I made yogurt cheese I rolled into cayenne. :)

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* I've been so behind on many things and really want to get things posted - moving to slow as I stop and go.  So if I forget anything here let me know and if I think of something I'll be adding to.  Vicky


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