Chili w/ Corn (Large Pot)

Pinto Beans are the thing in the southwest and versatile in many dishes.  However you like them or like to fix them they are delish!

Chili w/ Corn

Prepare as package directed or as you know how or prefer. 
6 Cups of Pinto Beans

Place beans in the large pot or stock pot, pick through the beans discarding any bean that isn’t smooth and good-looking, also any little rocks that might be mixed in.  Wash with clean water to remove any dirt.  Cover with water and bring to a boil.  Once boiling well turn off, cover, and set aside for an hour or more or even the next day. J  If getting to the next day I repeat the cooking process at least a couple times draining the used water and using fresh.  It just seems to work; beans are tenderer and less gassy.   When beans are ready to cook after the final draining; to the pot of beans add:

6 cups of water (I used ½ cup extra toward the end to thin a bit)
1 (26.oz) pouch of Pomi chopped tomatoes (or of choice 28oz)
1 medium chopped/diced sweet onion
2 Tbsp of minced garlic (I used giant size cloves – Jack in the beanstalk giant)!
2 good pinches of kosher salt
3 large leaves of Swiss chard, stems removed and finely minced
10 oz beef / pork or mix chorizo (it’s what I had), browned
1.10 pounds ground sirloin, browned
1 Tbsp spices (spice mix below, your choice) or more to taste
Few ears for fresh corn on the cob, halved or what you may have leftover.
Cheese of choice for on top!

Cook all until done to your liking.  If using fresh corn add just before it's done.  Fresh corn only takes 7 - 8 minutes.  If using leftover corn through in at end to warm. 

Chili Spices
1 Tbsp mild red chili powder
1 – 1.5 Tsp green chili powder – I ground from my garden*
½ Tsp cumin
½ Tbsp dried parsley
½ Tsp dried marjoram
Mix all together use as needed.  *You can use cayenne or other medium to hot pepper.

 Yummy - don't forget fresh tortillas or cornbread!


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