Whipped Coconut Cream ~

It all started when I needed a finish to my Almond cake and wanted to use whipped cream.  With no cream to be had at home, I drove to town only to find - I didn't like the heavy creams available at the stores.  It had Carrageenan, (pervious info)!!  And why since cream whips fine would they need such an additive, this is including organic brands? I wasn't happy.  I then quickly remember Lee's had whole cream and I took off to find someone just before me bought the last one.  :(  Went home ~

I kept thinking on the ride home there had to be something and I wanted to make that cake.  So I googled what I could do and possibly substitute the cream with and I didn't want ice cream.  Low and behold - lol - the answer was in my cupboard all along!  Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream both sitting right there, on the shelf!

You first needed the product and I choose Blue Monkey Coconut Cream, very good but not much info usage wise out there.  This needs to be kept in the frig for no less than 24 hours.  So if you're planning on trying this take time into consideration.  The link I used stated to just but the can in cool keeping in mind you will be just using the cream that separates to the top of the can.  With Blue Monkey it said it was "cream" to start with so I chilled it in the bowl I planned to use.  There was a tad separation so I'll try the can next time and see.  Over all happy - happy with how it turned out.

With electric beaters whip cream with a little maple org. recipe called for 1/2 Tbsp and vanilla using 1 tsp.  I think it was to much added liquid so I ended up using about 1 Tbsp of powdered sugar and the consistency was much better.  I don't know if it was the brand or type or to much added liquid, I don't think it will necessarily be exactly like using heavy cream.  Still very happy!  It's also possible that I measured to much maple - I need new glasses ~  :(   I'm fighting denial.  :)  Anyway, this would be a wonderful alternative for those out there that are lactose intolerant or vegan.  Anyone who'd like to try a healthy, tasty alternative.

I whipped it for this:

Almond Strawberry and Raspberry Cake

With thanks to Neurotrition where I found this delicious recipe/idea!


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