My Hatch Green Chile Omelet / Relleno~

One of the many things that New Mexico has that's hard to beat is AWESOME green chile.  Everyone in the west / southwest love this time of the year when chili is ready. It's best seasonal "fresh" though get be kept many ways. I've blacken the chili's - freezed the chili - dehydrated the chili (kept them whole for use and made sauce from them).  Most recent was using our dehydrator and powdered the chili both green and red to use in seasonings etc. It can also be canned.

This morning I made this somewhat similar to a relleno that is breaded thought I choose no breading and making it omelet style.  I blackened the chili on the grill and then placed in a paper bag to steam.  This way you can remove the outer skin without and trouble.  (I did this the day before and place in frig).  When I got up I took the green chili out and the eggs to bring up to room temp. until I was ready.

My Hatch Green Chile Omelet

I grated with a small holed grater - cheddar cheese and diced a bit of onion fine.  I cracked open 2 farm fresh eggs and beat them with a small bit of whole cream - say 1/2 -1 Tbsp. 

get ingredients ready
slice down center carefully put some cheese and onion

heat pan add a bit of butter melt - add egg mix

when egg starts to set like when making an omelet add chile
fold each side one over the other
and again a second time til egg is all set but not dry and cheese melted
serve it up!  Yum!
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