Tis the season!

It's just one of the saddest things I've heard!  No apples - we're taking a break check back 2012! Angle Orchard had a rough go this season.   If I had known I would have picked more last season!  Many of you know this is my most favorite time of the year - into Autumn - I have so many wonderful memories of picking apples at Angle.  Since I found out; I had to let go of the disappointment and Google-d other local you pick farms nearby I haven't checked out.  Though I've/we've been meaning too - so the plan is why not and do!  Brown's Orchard looks like a good place to start and what really got me was that for the past 20 years this established (since 1963) orchard hasn't used chemicals, fungicides, herbicides or the like - so what's not to like?

For more information on up farms in Willcox, AZ go here and if you live else where go here.   I hope you enjoy the harvest where you live.

Talking about being busy - it's out of control!   I noticed this morning that I have several posts that haven't been posted and left as drafts!  I don't know what to say.  Too my sadness some posts are on recipes I've made with freshness from our garden.  I'm imagining it's never to late to post them - so that's my hope.  The garden has grown together recently - okay - it's had some time to do so with some help from me....Not getting to it when I needed to tend to it.  But not all was lost I had much success with harvesting.  Some of my problem is I'm without a my home computer (it's on an extended vacation) and I'm using my husbands laptop.  I realize it maybe a personal problem but I just can't get comfortable and I miss my set up so to speak-  and I really don't know where time goes I truly do stay to busy..  :(  But, I am hopeful!

Meanwhile here are a few of my older recipes you might like to try with apples you've picked:
(A quick note - some recipes are listed gluten free you of course can use any flour your choosing)

Apple Nut Bread / Gluten Free

Apple Nut Cake

Portable Apple Cheese Pleasers

Little Apple Walnut Tarts /Gluten Free  scroll down @link

Cocoa Apple Cake

Apple Pie w/ Gluten Free Crust

Apple Pastry Bars


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